Posted On: November 29, 2008

Illinois Christmas Party Dangers

In Illinois with the holiday season upon us, Christmas parties are a part of most organizations. Along with the parties come alcohol and usually some stupid comments, actions or both. It is very important to act professionally at any company function, especially when alcohol is involved. Some employees use a company party as an excuse to behave poorly and to act on impulses they otherwise would not. see many such cases every year.

If you find yourself in a compromising situation at a company party in Illinois here are some tips. First, try to stand next to someone who you trust so they can back up your version of events. Second, if someone does harass you at a party, send that person an email the next day confirming the events, without sounding like you are planning on using the document against them. The idea is to get them to acknowledge their behavior. Third, take note of people taking pictures/video of the party as they may have good evidence for your case. Lastly, report the behavior as soon as possible after the party to protect your rights. And of course, contact an attorney experienced in sexual harassment cases to protect your rights.