Posted On: December 14, 2008

Sexual Harassment lawsuit filed by the EEOC Against Kroger Manager

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") filed a lawsuit against the Portland-based grocery and retail chain owned by Kroger Co. Fred Meyers Stores Inc. The federal lawsuit alleges the store director and operations manager at a Fred Meyer outlet in Oregon City, Oregon repeatedly subjected women employees to graphic sexual discussions, unwanted touching and requests for sexual favors. The allegations also claim the Human Resouces manager witnessed the conduct and failed to take any action.

In addition, the EEOC alleges the managers retaliated against three female employees when they complained about the sexual harassment. This is a prime example of a company trying to cover up the alleged sexual harassment by targeting the victims rather than addressing the real problem and targeting the harasser. Many times victims are either fired, have their hours cut or have working conditions deteriorate to the point that they are forced to quit. This is a form of retaliation and the basis for legal action.

The EEOC enforces federal laws in the private and federal sectors prohibiting employment discrimination based on race, color, gender, religion, national origin, age and disability.

Fred Meyer Stores, Inc., has agreed to pay $485,000 to three women who the EEOC alleged were subjected to harassment and retaliation.

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