Posted On: December 12, 2008

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against Versace Wholesale USA and its President Patrick Guadagno

mans-face-sm.jpgAn employee of fashion icon Versace Wholesale USA, commonly known as Versace filed a lawsuit against the company and the president of the company alleging sexual harassment. Fay Rodriguez, who is the former assistant to the president of Versace Patrick Guadagno filed sexual harassment charges against her former boss in a Manhattan Federal Court.

According to she was forced to deliver extemely raunchy messages that were left for Mr. Guadagno by his various sexual partners. The messages included sex partners of Mr. Guadagno saying they received sexually transmitted diseases from him, one claims he was drugged with a date rape drug and then raped.

Versace has denied all of the allegations. This case illustrates an important point for executives and others in management who have assistants. One should not mix business and personal messages and other aspects of their lives. This is especially true is one thinks that messages may be delivered that are inappropriate for public consumption.