Posted On: January 7, 2009

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Filed Against American Apparel

A sexual harassment lawsuit was filed against American Apparel and its CEO Dov Charney by Mary Nelson who is one of three women who filed the sexual harassment lawsuit. In a recent deposition Charney claims he frequently drops his pants to show people his new product.

Nelson and the two other women claim the boss shocked and disgusted them with dirty talk and gestures, creating a hostile work environment. Nelson claims that in over a year and a half her boss made her work life miserable with unwelcome sexual comments and suggestive signals. She also claims retaliation as she was dismissed after she complained about the offensive conduct.

In his depostion Charney claims he called women sluts at work and that for months at a time he would have just underwear on while at work. At one point Charney even posted a video of himself in underwear on the company website but has since taken it down. Charney also claims that workers can have sex at work at long as they pick a private place where no one can see them. Former employees claim Charney was constantly talking about sex, talking about his own genitalia, talking about other people’s genitalia.

Female employees who still work for Charney say that American Apparel has no rules against dating in the office. The company contends Charney’s relationships with his employees were consensual. The company also contends that sex has never been the basis for hiring, firing or promoting any employee.

Claudine Ko, reporter for Jane magazine was interviewing Charney at his apartment when he pulled his pants down and masterbated in front of her. At another point during an interview with Ko, Mr. Charney had one of his assistants perform oral sex on him.