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Update: Two Women Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit For $495,000

A lawsuit reported in this Blog on December 28,2008 has an update. Two women, Cindy Stankoski and Vanessa Stoud who filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the former attorney general agreed to accept $247,500 each, or $495,000 total to settle their sexual harassment lawsuit. As a condition of the settlment both agreed to resign from the Attorney General's office.

Stout and Stankoski filed complaints against a manager hand-picked by former attorney general Marc Dann, alleging sexual harassment. An internal investigation substantiated the complaints and prompted the firing of two employees, the forced resignation of a third and a legislated investigation by the state's inspector general which resulted in the settlement. The two women initially sought more than $400,000 each to settle the lawsuit but all parties believe the settlement is fair and puts to rest a sad chapter at the attorney generals office.

According to the HudsonHubTimes, in a joint statement, Attorney General Richard Cordray and Rex Elliott, attorney for Stout and Stankoski, said the settlement puts "to rest a series of events that was unbecoming of the leadership of the Attorney General's office and difficult for the two women who showed courage in turning a spotlight upon it.

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