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Horse Farm Settles Sexual Harassment Case With EEOC for $180,000

A Maryland horse farm owned by philanthropist Robert E. Meyerhoff settled a federal sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuit with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") for $180,000. The EEOC alleged the horse farm harassed Lindsay Donovan while she was employed as a farmhand. The EEOC also alleged that Donovan and her co-workers, Paul Stewart and Lee Anne Stewart, were fired after Donovan complained about sexual harassment and identified the Stewarts as witnesses who could support her claims. The $180,000 will go to Donovan and the Stewarts, according to the settlement terms.

Fitzhugh LLC, which operates Fitzhugh Farm near Phoenix, also said it would implement an anti-harassment policy and provide training to employees and managers on the prevention of employment discrimination, according to a consent decree filed yesterday in the U.S District Court in Baltimore.

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