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Researcher Files Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against University of Illinois at Chicago

Former researcher Irina Balyasnikova is seeking tens of thousands of dollars in damages in a gender discrimination lawsuit against the University of Illinois at Chicago. According to her lawsuit, Balyasnikova was passed up for promotions and paid less than her male peers. And the university used grant money she had secured for her own work to fund a male colleague’s research, the lawsuit says, shortchanging her out of $143,000.

Dr. Ronald Albrecht, the head of the department at the time, said in an affidavit that Balyasnikova aggressively sought raises and bonuses during her time at UIC and that by late 2006,

“her salary alone was an unmanageable burden for the department.”

In Illinois, a company may not terminate or otherwise take an adverse job action against an employee because of the sex of the employee. A companies policies and employment rules must be applied equally to all employees. Policies and employment rules which have a disproportionately adverse impact on one sex are strictly prohibited under both Illinois and Federal law.

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