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Ex-Long Island Teacher Awarded $5M In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A former school official of the Long Island school district, Cheryl Farb was awarded $5 million in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Farb was fired in 2004 after complaining that a middle school principal, Brown, used sexist and derogatory language toward her The former dean of students, Farb was choked up with emotion, recalling being fired from her job at the Baldwin Middle School.

"You need to stand up for what you believe in and what's right," Farb said.

Farb sued the principal and Baldwin School District in federal court, and a jury ruled Thursday that she was the victim of retaliation and fired because she lodged complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment. Brown, who remains on the job, was ordered to pay $1 million; the school district will pay the remaining $4 million.

"It only took this jury one hour and 20 minutes to come back with an award of $5 million," Farb's attorney, Rick Ostrove, said.

Farb was never able to say goodbye to the students and parents she loved, nor explain to the community the humiliating, offensive and demeaning sexual harassment she said she was subjected to by her then-boss, and current principal, James Brown.

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