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Nurse Awarded $15 Million in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Flushings Hospital nurse Janet Bianco, 55, says Dr. Matthew Miller began groping and propositioning her soon after she started working at the hospital in 1993. She alleges the 61-year-old physician, who is married, was "very bold, aggressive, he didn't even try to hide it. Patient rooms, hallways, it didn't matter. Wherever he was, it occurred. And I wasn't the only one," referring to Dr. Millers conduct which resulted in Bianco filing a charge of sexual harassment against him and the hospital.

Bianco says she complained to supervisors, but no action was taken, despite the fact that Dr. Miller was previously sanctioned by New York State for having a prolonged sexual relationship with an alcoholic patient for whom he was prescribing anti-anxiety drugs. Bianco says that during one incident, Dr. Miller tried to force his tongue down her throat as the hospital's medical director, Dr. Peter Barra, looked on. A jury awarded Bianco $15 million, ordering the hospital and Miller split the cost.

Then, in 2001, Miller "chased Bianco through the halls," finally cornering her in a room with two heavily sedated patients, where he "aggressively groped her below the waist."