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N.Y. court awards Hillside woman $1.86M in sexual harassment lawsuit

Jance Worthen-Caldwell was awarded $1.86 million in a civil sexual harassment lawsuit, after a jury in Brooklyn decided she was ridiculed and sexually abused by her employer at a home health care agency. Steven Ostrovsky was ordered to pay Caldwell $1.86 million for past and future pain and suffering. The award for future pain and suffering will be paid regardless of whether or not Worthen-Caldwell goes back to work at that agency.

Caldwell had asked for damages totaling $400 million, plus legal costs because Ostrovsky made sexually explicit comments and demanded sexual favors from her "as a term of employment." The jury found that Ostrovsky's behavior was "more than just a trivial slight or minor inconvenience" and that he had made unwanted sexual advances or demands toward Worthen-Caldwell that she rejected.

"I tried to hold onto my job because I don't have a college degree," she said. "But it got to the point where I could not continue to have this man touch me, or rub himself up against me any time he wanted to."

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