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Jackson Hewitt Tax Managers Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Rebeccas Myers, former employee of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service claims that when she complained that her boss at Jackson & Hewitt sexually harassed her, her boss's boss told her that "since they were alone in his office she could make herself feel better by performing oral sex on him." Myers sued Garfield & Johnson Enterprises dba Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, of Levittown, Pa.; her immediate supervisor, Michael Nolan; and Frank Johnson, a partner or principal of Garfield & Johnson, for sexual harassment and retaliation.

Myers claims that both men sexually harassed her and that Nolan's revolting behavior included asking her for ex, and telling her he wanted to "'lay [her] over a table' and have sex with her."
Myers alleges in her lawsuit that in evaluating her performance, "Nolan wrote in the evaluation, 'Rebecca Myers should experience what Nicole Brown Simpson did.' Nolan had sent this email to Mr. Johnson, who then circulated the evaluation to several other Jackson Hewitt managers and supervisors."

According to the lawsuit when Myers complained to Johnson of this email and of the allegations of sexual harassment, Johnson made the comment about "mak(ing) herself feel better by performing oral sex on him." Myers claims she was constructively discharged.

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