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Student And Diocese Settle Sexual Harassment Case

A sexual harassment lawsuit from over 35 years ago is settled. 54 year old Tom Gust accused typing teacher Bob Krantz of forcing himself on Gust in a supply room in 1970 after keeping him after school. This is a former of school sexual harassment. Gust said school staff hid the abuse and expelled him from school. Gust said he repressed the memories until 2005 when he found out about other allegations on the diocese website.

"I wanted the public to be aware of what goes on behind closed doors and let them know when these victims come forward there's a lot of pain and suffering that you don't hear about. There's therapy, there's attorneys, there's fees and it's very time consuming, expensive and painful" stated Gust.

Gust nor the diocese would discuss the terms of the settlement. In Illinois sexual harassment at an educational institution is Illegal. The educational institution is required to stop the sexual harassment when it becomes aware of the sexual harassment.

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