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San Leandro Settles Two Sexual Harassment Lawsuits For $187,500

The city of San Leandro agreed to settle two sexual harassment lawsuits stemming from complaints filed in 2005 and 2006 by Starlah Burke and Jennifer Acuna against then-Police Officer Greg Cannedy and the city of San Leandro. The settlements include cash payments of $92,500 and $95,000, and a pledge to use outside investigators if similar accusations are made in the future. In addition, the council adopted a policy to have outside investigators handle any future investigations of sexual harassment complaints against on-duty officers.

Burke and Acuna filed civil lawsuits in 2007 and 2008, respectively, in U.S. District Court against the city and Cannedy, accusing Cannedy of sexual harassment and civil rights violations. The allegations include, both women claiming Cannedy touched and stalked them. Acuna said Cannedy befriended her at her job at a local gym. He then appeared at her home in August 2006, entered uninvited, and groped her. Burke said Cannedy groped her during a December 2005 traffic stop, then made unwanted sexual advances and frequently appeared in uniform near her home over a period of several months.

Cannedy now has a separate criminal case being reviewed by the California Court of Appeal. Cannedy retired in November 2006, a month after the Alameda County District Attorney's Office filed counts of felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor sexual battery, and battery against him. Cannedy pleaded not guilty to the charges.