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Text Messages Help Two Female Soccer Players Settled Sexual Harassment Case For $450,000

Text messages were utilized by two female soccer players who accused their Central Michigan Univeristy coach Mr. DiTucci, of sexual harassment in securing a $450,000 settlement. The women alleged that the coach used manipulation to carry out secret sexual relationships with them. He also sent the players inappropriate text messages, which were used to help bolster their claims and settle the claims. This was first reported in April on this blog.

The two women, senior Sarah Burns and freshman Morgan Britt, alleged that DiTucci carried out inappropriate secret sexual relationships with the two players while he was the head coach. They also alleged that he sent players inappropriate text messages, lied to his players and to university administration and manipulated his players in an effort to not get caught.

Companies like Paraben are able to pull text messagse off a cell-phone even after they have been deleted and authenticate them for use at trial. According to Wikipedia, text messaging, or texting is a colloquial term referring to the exchange of brief written messages between mobile phones, over cellular networks. If you are the victim of sexual harassment and believe you have text messages to support your claim, it is important to remember to tell your attorney even if the messages have been deleted.

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