Posted On: August 28, 2009 by Peter M. LaSorsa

Waterford Police Department Sued Again For Sexual Harassment

The Waterford Township Police Department was sued again for sexual harassment. Arlene Hampton filed the lawsuit containing two claims of sexual harassment alleging she was sexually harassed by male police department employees and subsequently suffered retaliation for complaining about it. The lawsuit comes eight months after the township paid a $325,000 settlement to police department clerk Penny Dye to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit.

Lt. Jim Lalone was named as the defendant in both Hampton's and Dye's lawsuits. Hampton alleges Lalone repeatedly commented on her body, legs, and mode of dress, and on occasion told her she dressed like a whore. Lalone allegedly told another male officer he planned to have sexual relations with Hampton. Despite Hampton's appeals to her supervisor and the township's attorney to investigate alleged sexual harassment targeting not only her but female co-workers, the harassment allegedly continued.

According to the lawsuit she was repeatedly sexually harassed by Lalone, who referred to women within the department as "tits" rather than calling them individually by name, according to the lawsuit. He allegedly referred to the department's female employees collectively as the "bra brigade," or the "bra corps."

Once Hampton began complaining to her superiors, several male employees allegedly retaliated against her. Hampton, who is still employed by the township, alleges that Waterford Police Chief Daniel McCaw once threatened her job if she sought a reclassification, increased her job responsibilities, and asked her how much longer she intended to work for the the township. She was encouraged to leave the department and move to a lower-paying position in the Treasurer's Office, but no efforts were made to move Lalone to a lower-paying job, according to the lawsuit.