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Cheerleader Gets $25,000 in Sexual Harassment Case

Kacie Chambers filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Marshall's Board of Governors and former cheerleading coach Donna Dunn alleging she was repeatedly harassed by several members of the cheerleading squad during her first and other year there in 2005. The harassment included allegations of male members of the squad exposing themselves, rubbing their private parts in the female members' faces and calling the females derogatory names.

Chambers' suit specifically singled out head male cheerleader Richard Edmunds whom she alleged pulled down her sports bra and instructed her "not to be a bitch or she would find her ass hitting the ground." The repeated harassment, which Chambers alleges Dunn ignored, resulted in her quitting the squad before completing her freshman year in 2005-2006, and to lose the scholarship she was awarded.

In both their replies to Chambers' suit, and during the trial, both Dunn and Marshall University officials maintained that they took the proper steps to address her allegations when they were first raised including removing Edmonds from the squad. In the end the jury did not believe them and ruled in favor or Chambers awarding her $25,000.

"I'm really glad my story is out there," Chambers said. "I'm really glad I stood up for what I believed."

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