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Posted On: September 22, 2009 by Peter M. LaSorsa

Sexual Harassment Case Expensive For Companies

Now that the economy is doing poorly many employees who are being terminated or demoted are filing sexual harassment claims. One reason for the claims is that employee were putting up with poor behavior in order to keep their jobs. Since they no longer have their job, the see no reason to keep this behavior to themselves. Aside from the cost of settling the sexual harassment cases, companies also have to spend money defending them. The example below shows how much the town of Seaside spend defending a sexual harassment claim.

Thirty year old police reserve officer Vanessa Alcaraz filed a sexual harassment claim with the city against then-Sgt. Barry Pasquarosa. This is a pretty routine case and there does not seem to be anything unique about the facts. To date the city has spent $77,000 on investigation costs and $190,000 on attorney fees. The case isn't even to trial yet and look at the amounts of money that are being spent. According to the Monterey County Herald, City Manager Ray Corpuz said

"We have a duty to investigate, we have a duty to defend (ourselves), and there are our own personnel and human resource policies. Particularly in this case, we have to follow ... state law," he said. "The city has no choice but to respond to these claims."

Peter LaSorsa sees first hand the amounts of money companies have to spend to defend sexual harassment lawsuits and with this in mind Pete works hard to negotiate settlements. You can visit my website at lasorsalaw.com for more details.

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