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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settles For $120,000 Between UPS and EEOC

UPS settles a lawsuit involving Joanne Nijem who was represented by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") for $120,000. Nijem also alleged that UPS engaged in retaliation once she reported the sexual harassment. Nijem was the only female employee at the facility and alleged she was subjected almost daily to insults and criticisms in front of coworkers and customers, and when she reported the sexual harassment to the company hotline and the regional director, she was terminated a week later--which in Illinois is retaliation.

As in most cases like this UPS denied it did anyting wrong. As part of the settlement UPS will provide training to management and human resources officials who fired Nijem and agreed to maintain an anti-harassment policy and post it so employees can see it. When you look at the amount of money UPS had to pay on a case like this it makes you wonder what supervisors are thinking when they engage in such behavior.

This type of behavior is not uncommon in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois. More and more employers have supervisors or other management people working for them that feel like they can do anything they want to employees and get away with it. View my website to learn more about your rights.

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