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Napoli's Serving More Than Meatballs--Sued For Sexual Harassment

Napoli's Italian Restaurant, was sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") claiming minor female workers were sexually harassed while working at the restaurant. According to the lawsuit a female server and other female employees at the restaurant were subjected to sexual harassment in the form of lewd comments, propositions and touching. A specific incident listed occurred in early 2008, when the female server was only 17 years old. According to the EEOC release, male managers also allegedly subjected other female employees to “a campaign” of inappropriate behavior.

The lawsuit claims male managers allegedly detained the server who filed the original complaint in a restaurant office and turned out the lights. The female quit following the alleged incident because she feared for her safety. This is was in commonly referred to as constructive discharge.

“We received the charge of discrimination from a young woman who worked there and who claimed that she and other young female employees were subjected to sexual harassment,” said Baran, who was unable to say how many workers were allegedly harassed or if they were all minors at the time.

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