Posted On: December 5, 2009 by Peter M. LaSorsa

Building Company Pays $200,000 To Settle Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Cherryville-based R-Anell Housing is paying $200,000 to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commision ("EEOC") on behalf of female applicants. According to the lawsuit the company refused to hire female applicants based on their gender. The lawsuit alleged the company a gender biased workplace which denied female employees opportunties available to men.

According to the lawsuit, discovery revealed that the company had not preserved applications and personnel records as required by federal law. This is typical behavior of a company that does not want people to see what types of hiring practices they are engaged in. In settlements like this a decree is issued in which the EEOC will monitor the company for four years to ensure it does not engage in gender discrimination.

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