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Former Police Woman Gets $275,000 To Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Suzanne DesMarais settled her sexual harassment lawsuit with the County after allegedly being sexually harassed by Lt. George Titko.Titko was in charge of the police department and DesMarais was under his control and while under his contrrol DesMarais alleged Titko sent her sexually suggestive text messages and left sex toys on her desk. Additionally he photographed her backside and subsequently posted the photo on the wall of the department.
Many times text messages can make or break a lawsuit. It was a good thing that she retained the messages.

In these types of cases people in power sometimes believe they can do anything they want and no one can stop them. This should let everyone know who was honest and right in the claim. In a time when local governments are cutting budgets, this is a good deal of money and this settlement will not sit well with taxpayers but the county has no one to blame but themselves.

"The (officers) of the department have stood by me and supported me through this whole process," said DesMarais "They backed me up 110 percent while I was on duty and since."

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