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Branch Banking & Trust Pays $24,000 To Settle ADA Lawsuit

Branch Banking and Trust will pay $24,000 to settle a Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA")
lawsuit with Linda Hewett and filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") on her behalf. The problem for Hewett started when her employer would not grant her request for a reasonable accommodation. Hewtt is a hearing-impaired employee who was denied a reasonable accommodation to work in a different position because she had a progressively severe hearing loss and could no longer work as a senior bank teller.

According to details in the lawsuit Hewett was denied reassignment to other vacant positions at Branch Banking and Trust where her hearing impairment would not affect her job performance. This was a reasonable accommodation and the company would have been better advised to have transfered her. In the current tight job market more companies believe they can treat workers as they wish and don't have to suffer any recourse. In this case Hewett asserted her rights and was victorious--good for her.

“Workers with disabilities are productive members of the American workforce,” said Lynette A. Barnes, regional attorney for the EEOC’s Charlotte District Office.

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