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EEOC Settles Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit With Imagine Schools For $570,000

Imagine Schools, Inc. pays $570,000 to settle a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit in federal court. The lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") on behalf of Charity Brooks and LuShonda Smith after it became known they were pregnant. According to the lawsuit Imagine Schools failed to retain the two women after closing a middle school but opening another middle school and high school in the same area.

Pregnancy discrimination violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It is very sad that at this time in our history female workers are still being singled out and discriminated against. Large settlements like this should make employers take heed and stop this type of behavior. Many times employers believe they can get away with their behavior and it takes a lawsuit to stop them.

“Unfortunately, the EEOC keeps having to drive home the point that no woman should lose her means of earning a living simply because she is pregnant,” said EEOC Acting Chairman Stuart J. Ishimaru.

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