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Les Schwab Tire Warehouse Settles Gender Discimination Lawsuit For $2,000,000

Les Schwab Tire Warehouse settled a huge gender discrimination lawsuit for $2,000,000 and other corrective measures. The lawsuit was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") on behalf of a class of females who failed to gain employment with the company. The EEOC alleges that the reason the women were not hired was because of their gender.

There are many industries that are male dominated and even though a company may not try to intentionally discriminate against females, the numbers don't lie. In this case, the EEOC was able to prove through the qualifications of the females and the number of females hired that there had to have been discriminatory practices taking place. Sometimes as John Adams said facts are a stubbon thing.

"While the parties have engaged in extensive litigation the past four years, we are pleased to work with Les Schwab to bring this case to a resolution and to start a new era of cooperation," EEOC Regional Attorney William Tamayo said.

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