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Money Mart Ordered To Pay $30,000 For Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Money Mart must pay $30,000 after losing a sexual harassment lawsuit. According to the lawsuit Money Mart refused to properly investigate complaints about a manager at one of its Toronto stores. The problems for Money Mart started when Marjorie Harriott was sexually harassed by her manager. The sexual harassment consisted on her manager making inappropriate comments, steering at her breasts and buttocks and touching her. Apparently Harriott along with several other women complained to upper management but nothing was done to stop the sexual harassment.

This kind of settlement should send a message that complaints of sexual harassment must be investigated and taken seriously. Here you had several women complaining about this type of unprofessional behavior and still nothing was done to stop it. In the end Money Mart had to pay a substantial amount for its' failure to do a proper investigation into the discrimination claims.

"What the tribunal is saying in this case is that you have to fully and fairly investigate when allegations come to your attention," Sellar said.

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