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PriceRite Sued For Sexual Harassment

Four former workers of supermarket giant PriceRite filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming they were the victims of sexual harassment. Details of the lawsuit indicate that the store manager was allegedly the one sexually harassing the women. the women include Charlene DeAngelo, Patricia Frasca, Kai Fasset and Rebecca Eastman. They not only allege they were the victims of sexual harassment but also other female customers.
According to allegations in the lawsuit the four women claim Potter attempted to have sexual intercourse with them. He also made nasty comments to them and would often times stare at the breasts and buttocks of female customers.

All of the women complainted to PriceRite's human resources manager but nothing was done to stop the sexual harassment. The women all claims they were subjected to retaliation for reporting the sexual harassment. In an interesting claim, Potter is alleged to have used surveillance cameras to focus on women who were shopping in the store. After we would spot a woman he liked he would brag about what he intended to do with the women.

“One customer found a note on her car, soliciting her to engage in some sort of conduct,” the lawsuit claims.

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