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White Way Cleaners Taken To The Cleaners In Pregnancy Discrimination Lawsuit

White Way cleaners will pay $42,500 to settle a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed in federal court by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") on behalf of Michelle Johnson. According to the lawsuit Johnson worked for the cleaners in the back and transferred to a counter position once she became pregnant. This transfer was part of a policy the cleaners had to allowing women to escape the smell of chemicals and work an easier job if they were pregnant.

The problem continued when Johnson was denied a raise, which she alleges she would have received if she were not pregnant. Additionally, Johnson began pregnant a second time and claims she was fired once she notified the cleaners of the second pregnancy. In this case the cleaners own policy shows they were discriminating against pregnant women. If a pregnant woman does not mind working in the back around chemicals, it should be of no concern to the company. The employee should have a choice in keeping the job they currently hold if they become pregnant.

“The U.S. Supreme Court held almost 20 years ago that an employer may not substitute its own judgment on an employee’s pregnancy for hers. The EEOC is dedicated to ensuring that women are not treated differently because they are or may become pregnant, and this case reminds employers of their obligations under the law.”

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