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Auto Dealer Sued For Sexual Harassment

Twenty Three year old Katherine Salas filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Bical Chevrolet. According to published reports, some of the top men at the car dealership snapped her bra, whacked her rear end with a backscratcher and hounded her with sexual advances. Salas also alleges that things got so bad for her that she quit her job which is referred to as constructive discharge. Salas only worked for the dealership for six weeks as their receptionist and things must have been very bad if she had to quit.

In a good piece of luck for Salas and bad news for the dealership, general manager Charles Albanese sent Salas suggestive text messages. This is starting to be the best type of evidence of sexual harassment. The general manager will have a hard time explaining those messages. People should be aware that even if a text message is deleted on a cell phone, with the right software, the text message can still be retrieved from that cell phone. In male dominated fields like auto sales, there seems to be a culture of harassment toward females. Lets hope this lawsuit helps put an end to this type of behavior.

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