Posted On: April 29, 2010 by Peter M. LaSorsa

County Worker Awarded $150,000 For Sexual Harassment

A jury awarded $150,000 to Josie Puglisi for her sexual harassment lawsuit. According to Puglisi, a male co-worker sexually harassed her for months and she repeatedly complained to management but they failed to stop the harassment. According to testimony a male co-worker snuck up behind Puglisi and bit and licked her ear. Puglisi said she immediately reported the alleged incident to a supervisor, but that the county waited five months to discipline him and to keep him away from her.

I will never understand why companies don't take action immediately. In this case the county will have to pay a good deal of money just because it didn't act quickly. At trial the county admitted it took too long to act. It is nice to see someone stick up for themselves and pursue the claim to the end. Hopefully companies will take sexual harassment more serious in the future.

"It was a relief to know that they owned up to it, and that no other woman will have to go through this," Puglisi said after the verdict. "

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