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Tire Company Settles Gender Discrimination Lawsuit For $2 Million

Les Schwab Tire Centers will pay $2 million to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of women who were not hired by the company. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") filed the lawsuit on behalf of the females and alleged that the women were qualified to change tires but the culture of the organization was to not hire females. According to details in the lawsuit, over 200 women were denied sales and service positions with Les Schwab Tire Centers.

This lawsuit took four years to settle and you can see how long these types of lawsuits can take. People should realize the value of trying to settle an employment discrimination case early. If cases don't settle they tend to drag on for years and most end up settling anyway. By settling a case early, the added expense and uncertainty of a lawsuit is avoided. In this case, with over 200 women involved and four years of litigation, I am sure Les Schwab Tire Centers spent a good deal of money on attorney fees.

"The EEOC will continue to investigate employers and industries that have put women in certain types of jobs, and men in others," said Mike Baldonado, director of the agency's San Francisco district.

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