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Everdry Marketing Pays Almost $500,000 In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Everdry Marketing and Management Inc. pays $471,096 in damages and $86,581 in post-judgment interest to 13 victims of sexual harassment. According to the complaint, there was a prolonged period of physical and verbal sexual harassment of telemarketers, most of whom were teenagers, by male managers and co-workers at Everdry’s office. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") filed the complaint on behalf of the female workers.

Cases like this show what can happend when people are put in charge of workers and don't have the proper training. It would be impossible to sexually harass 13 women without people realizing what is going on. Look how much money this type of behavior cost the company. It would make more sense to just properly train and manage your people.

“The 13 women in this case had to endure vicious sexual harassment and then live it again through their testimony in pre-trial depositions and the trial,” said Robert Rose, the supervisory trial attorney for EEOC.

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