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Guard Awarded $49,000 In Religious Discrimination Lawsuit

The Pollard Agency pays $49,000 to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit. The lawsuit was field by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC") on behalf of Marian Lawson. According to the lawsuit the Pollard Agency discriminated against security guard Lawson by firing her rather than accommodating her religious practice. As part of her Memmonite Baptist religion she wore a head scarf.

It is amazing that a company would risk a lawsuit over something so small and petty. I am glad to see this woman stand up for herself and demand her rights. Hopefully, the company will learn a valuable lesson and not behave this way in the future. In Illinois, I see many companies act this way.

“The EEOC is pleased that Pollard chose to resolve the matter early and to take steps to ensure similar problems do not occur in the future.” said Robert Dawkins of the EEOC

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