Posted On: July 24, 2010 by Peter M. LaSorsa

Ashland Settles Age Discrimination Lawsuit For $38,000

Ashland, Inc. pays $38,000 to settle an age discrimination lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"). The lawsuit was filed after the EEOC attempted to settle the lawsuit with the company. According to published reports, Michael Roach, who worked as a manager for Ashland, was subjected to
discrimination based on his age. The discrimination comprised of comments about his age and continued when Roach complained about the comments and nothing was done.

Ashland fired Roach because of his age in October 2006 and the EEOC filed the lawsuit shortly after that. You can see how long a lawsuit takes before it finally gets settled. This is a good reason to always try to explore settlement early.

“Age-based harassment, just like other forms of discriminatory workplace harassment, is against the law and should not be tolerated by employers,” said EEOC Regional Attorney Debra Lawrence. “Older workers should be valued for their experience, not viewed as a liability.”

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