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Police Dispatcher Seeks $250,000 In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Linda Lanosa who is a police dispatcher claims she experienced repeated sexual harassment at work and is suing for $250,000. In her lawsuit Lanosa claims Sgt. Brian Thies made comments about her breasts and asked her to flash him in the bathroom, among other things. Lanosa also accused Thies of performing a lewd act that he broadcast over the police radio. State police conducted an investigation that exonerated him. This case sounds like it will be a real battle.

The town questioned the validity of Lanosa's claims, saying that any workplace issues should have been reported to a town official immediately and noted she waited a long period of time before complaining. I see this happen often where someone is the victim of sexual harassment and they wait a long time to report it. There are many reasons for this, sometimes the person thinks they can handle the problem and doesn't want to rock the boat.

“There's nothing the town did against Linda Lanosa,” Mayor Dunn said. “The taxpayers shouldn't have to bear the brunt of this.”

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