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Proving Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

I get calls all the time regarding sexual harassment in the workplace and the most difficult question to answer is how are we going to prove you were the victim of sexual harassment. Most people who engage in sexual harassment are clever and aware of what they are doing. They usually don't leave a large trail of evidence behind them. Now on occasion you would be surprised at how much evidence is left. Some people write long emails or leave damning text messages, but for the most part, the conversations are verbal and one-on-one. So how do you prove a one-on-one conversation?

Well the actual conversation may be hard to prove but there will usually be other pieces of evidence that go along with the conversation. But regarding the conversation, you could always tell the person to call you and leave you a message regarding what was said to be sure you heard him right. Or after the person said all of the stuff to you one-on-one, you could write the person an email and say is this what you said to me, it was so unusual and unexpected I was taken off guard sorry if I acted like I did. Remember the point isn't to set the person up but rather to get them to admit what they already said to you in person.

Another way to prove sexual harassment is by witnesses in the office. This can be tricky because other employees don't want to jeopardize their job but still want to be honest.