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Blythe Amenson Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit For $400,000

Blythe Amenson the former Argentine Township fire lieutenant settled her sexual harassment lawsuit with the Township for $400,000. According to published accounts she alleged sexual harassment by a former township fire chief and that the township engaged in gender discrimination once she reported the conduct. She alleged former Fire Chief William Harvey continuously made inappropriate gestures and comments toward her, such as complimenting her figure, offering her a hug and asking about her sexual relations with her husband.

Amenson worked for the fire department for a little more than two-years and was dismissed by the township for having a low fire-run count. The problem with that theory was a male firefighter had the same low fire-run count and he was not fired. This was utilized as the basis for showing the township was treating her different because she was a female and because she reported sexual harassment.

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