Posted On: February 7, 2011 by Peter M. LaSorsa

Student Files Sexual Harassment Complaint Against Ohio University Professor

A female student filed a sexual harassment complaint againt an Ohio University ("OU") professor. According to the published account of the allegations, the professor has been placed on paid leave after taking a former student to his home and buying her a $600 diamond ring. The professor, Regis Noroski, 61, a health administration professor set up a meeting with the student under the guise of getting a calculator back to him but instead turned it into a date.

Once the student arrived, Noroski made her have ice cream with him and then drove her to his house where he gave her a half dozen gifts including the diamond ring. He also told her she was the type of person he could have married. A university investigation concluded in December and found the meeting and gifts were a violation of OU's sexual harassment policy. The female student graduated from high school last spring and fall was her first quarter of college making her at least 40 years younger than Noroski.

"I was absolutely scared for my life," the student told OU officials in a Dec. 3 e-mail.

The professor tried to put the blame on the student and claimed she had winked at him on multiple occasions and wrote "I (heart) Regis" on an exam in place of an answer she didn't know. I am glad to see the University is taking the sexual harassment complaint seriously by at least suspending the professor until the sexual harassment lawsuit is complete. I would be suprised if he teaches at the university again.

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