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Paramedic Loses Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Kristina Frederick a former paramedic lost her sexual harassment lawsuit when a jury ruled against her. Prior to filing a sexual harassment lawsuit, she had to file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"). Frederick alleged she was sexually harassed by her boss while working for Oldham Emergency Medical Services.

Frederick testified that director Lance Vincent propositioned her for sex while she worked for the department and asked about her sexual preferences. In probably the most damning evidence she said she had intercourse with Vincent. Frederick claims she was given a full-time job that had opened up after having sex with Vincent and says that is why she had sex with him. The lesson here is that if you go to a jury trial and admit you had sex with the boss--it is going to be hard to win. I hope she is able to move on with her life.

"The truth is, she had sex with him because she wanted to,” the other attorney said to the jury.

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