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Posted On: May 22, 2011

Sacramento State Professor Who Cost The University $900,000 To Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Now Sues The University

In what is a real twist of events Sacramento State professor Wilfrido Corral is suing the University claiming they discriminated against him because of his national origin--Latino. Corral was accused of sexually harassing four students and three professors and cost California State University more than $900,000 to settle sexual harassment claims from some of the women who say he harassed them. According to published accounts, four Sacramento State students complained that Corral had made sexual advances toward them. The advances included taking them to dinner and making sexual comments to them.

The University claims it had good reason to fire Corral. They claim Corral called Professor Buffard a "French whore" and referred to Gelus and Moore (two other professors) as "lesbian bitches" in front of staff and students. Obviously when you make these types of statements you have to expect to have disciplinary action taken against you. If all of the published accounts are true, Corral does not seem to have much of a case and he already cost the University a great deal of money.

"He's tried to twist the whole story and make (the professors) look like the bad guys when they were just trying to do their jobs," The University said

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