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Posted On: June 2, 2011 by

Chicago Bar Tilted Kilt Sued For Sexual Harassment

Chicago Tilted Kilt sports bar is being sued for sexual harassment after 10 women came forward and each filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ("EEOC"). According to published accounts the women are accusing a manager of making sexually explicit comments, inappropriate physical contact and unwanted advances. This type of behavior if proven will cost the company a great deal of money.

The women also claim that the owners of the bar and the restaurant chain's corporate officials were told of the alleged sexual harrassment and did nothing to stop it. The women also claim the manager loudly discussed pornography with customers and employees. With 10 women filing at the same time this is going to be a real fun case to watch. My guess is the case will settle soon and the manager will not be with the company when the case settles.

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