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Sexual Harassment and University Professors

In Illinois it is considered sexual harassment for a current university professor to have a sexual relationship with a student. It is sometimes referred to as school sexual harassment. Even if the sex seems on the surface consensual it really isn't because of the power the professor has over the student. Many times the professor will start by asking the student to meet outside of class under the guise of working on a project or to get improvement pointers on the students work. The student is happy to get the extra attention and doesn't at first realize the plan of the professor.

It is very important for the student to contact an attorney as soon as possible to learn of her rights under the law. My chicago office is seeing a real increase in the amount of sexual harassment cases involving students and professors. Because there are strict time limits involved in filing a complaint in Illinois it is very important to not wait too long. And just because you received a good grade that doesn't negate your claim.

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