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Subtle Evidence In Sexual Harassment Cases

Many times there isn't a smoking gun as far as evidence is concerned in a sexual harassment case. The supervisor who is harassing you may not leave an email or text message as evidence. Instead the sexual comments may be said in a private setting without witnesses. So how is one suppose to prove a sexual harassment case in such circumstances? The answer is through subtle evidence of the harassment. For example, if you are a secretary and the boss invites you to a "business" trip so he can sexually harass you that may be utilized as evidence. If you have no real reason to be on the trip, it infers another motive in the supervisors request to have you accompany him on the trip.

Perhaps you have phone records showing the supervisor is calling you after hours at home or late at night. Even though the phone records won't show what was said on the phone, they are a subtle indication that something is amiss. Why does the supervisor have to call you late at night? Is he calling other male workers that late? This type of activity by the supervisor can show sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment. Don't give up hope regarding your case if you have been sexually harassed. A good attorney can find ways to help prove your case.

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