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Proceeding Before The Illinois Human Rights Commission

So the initial complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights ("IDHR") was successful and they found substantial evidence of your discrimination. You filed directly wit the Illinois Human Rights Commission ("IHRC") for trial--now what? Well now is the time you have to prove your case in front of the administrative law judge so you can get paid. The process may seem straight forward and one in which the average person can easily navigate but beware. There are many small things in your case that take an experienced and aggressive lawyer. Do you know all the nuances of the discovery process? Do you know the best question to ask in interrogatories or the best document requests to make? If you don't ask for the right information you may be missing a great opportunity to get good and useful evidence.

Experienced employment attorneys who handle these cases in front of the IHRC can make all the difference. In fact, it can mean the different in not getting any money or getting a nice settlement or award. The IHRC is not there to represent you so you must either represent yourself or hire an employment attorney. Your have been successful so far with your case, take the extra steps and make sure you get paid. Hire an experienced employment attorney once you get to the IHRC.

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