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Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Settles For $250,000--Cheaper Than Legal Bills

Former City Hall secretary Fulya Metin Capanelli will get $250,000 to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit with the city of Methuen. According to published accounts Capanelli was sexually harassed by Maurice Lariviere, the former city solicitor and Capanelli's boss. When the sexual harassment started Capanelli complained to police and detectives captured Lariviere on videotape kissing and making advances toward Capanelli in his City Hall office. In what is a common ploy once there is damning evidence of sexual harassment Lariviere said his relationship with Capanelli was consensual.

One issue with settling sexual harassment cases is the cost to the other side to defend the case. In this case the city spent $364,461 in legal fees. As you can see, it would have been much smarter to settle the case early and save all of the money in legal fees. It is always in the best interest of a company to settle a case quickly and quietly. In this case all of the drama with investigators and publicity may have created a hostile work environment for other employees.

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