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Unknown Facts About The Illinois Human Rights Commission

There are many hidden facts when your case comes before the Illinois Human Rights Commission ("IHRC") and the untrained person can make big mistakes is they proceed on their own. For example did you know that it generally takes over two years from the date of your trial to actually get a ruling? That isn't two years from the date of filing but rather from the actual trial. That means from the time you first file your complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights ("IDHR") you case may take four or five years to get to an actual decision. With those facts in mind you can see why it is so important to try and settle your case early.

An experienced employment lawyer can settle your case at the IDHR level and that is the best way to go if you desire money now rather than years from now. For example in most sexual harassment cases the company will want to settle quickly to avoid negative publicity and large legal fees in defending the claim. It is always wise to hire an experienced and aggressive employment lawyer. Most cases settle so why not settle early.

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