Posted On: November 26, 2011 by

Sexual Harassment And Holiday Parties

Well it's getting close to the holiday party and my office will be getting a few calls, directly after the parties. You may wonder why I can be sure I will be getting calls after company holiday parties. The reason is simple, when you combine alcohol with poorly trained managers, and women you get a sexual harassment case. What happens is people are under the mistaken belief they can act poorly and do things outside of work that they wouldn't do in a normal work place. Managers will made crude comments or attempt to have sex with employees and generally make asses out of themselves.

Try to imagine the hostile work environment that gets created for the employee after the boss tries to have sex with her at the holiday office party. How is she suppose to go into work the next day and act like nothing happened? It is amazing how often this type of activity takes place and the lack of training companies provide to management prior to the parties. If you want to ensure a good holiday party make sure your management employees know that sexual harassment isn't something that belong at the party.