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Sexual Harassment In Chicago

Sexual Harassment in the workplace is a growing problem. There are statistics that show the numbers going up or down but they don't really tell the story. In Chicago my office is seeing a rise in the number of sexual harassment complaints. There are many reasons for the increase I am sure. I believe one reason is the tight job market and the fear employees have about losing their job if they complain. In Chicago I file sexual harassment complaints with the Illinois Department of Human Rights ("IDHR"). Even though the IDHR is having budget cuts they still do a great job of investigating complaints of discrimination including sexual harassment.

There are many other types of discrimination that can be filed with the IDHR and the important thing to do is for people to contact an employment lawyer to get better advice. Remember there are strict time limits for filing a complaint with the IDHR and once those limits pass, your case will be lost. There is no reason why an employee has to put up with sexual harassment. You have rights as an employee in Illinois and it is very important that you speak with a sexual harassment lawyer to protect your rights.